Watch: A strangely missed free kick from Messi at the last minute of the match

In the match between Inter Miami and New York City, the match ended with Inter Miami losing by two goals to one. The match, which witnessed, before its start, the legendary tribute to Leo Messi, the Bulgarian player, after he won the eighth Ballon d’Or in its history.
A rare and strange event happens to Messi in the last second of the match.
The 92nd minute, Inter Miami lost 2-1 to New York City, and in a deceptive way, Messi forces the opponent players to commit a mistake in the place he likes.
Inter Miami players went to Messi and celebrated because this free kick was a penalty kick for Messi.
The fans stood in the stands, watching and waiting for the moment Messi scored the equalizer, but look what happened.
Messi stood in shock and amazement, unable to believe that he had executed such a free kick, and the referee ended the match.

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