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In a difficult and complicated match, Barcelona almost fell into the draw trap and moved far away from competing for La Liga this season, especially since the team was coming off a Clásico loss to Real Madrid.
The Catalan team was able to achieve a very difficult victory against the stubborn Real Sociedad team, a goal that saved Araujo Xavi from criticism, and why not face dismissal if the results worsened further, but Araujo blocked the way to achieve that.
In the match, Gavi performed an amazing skill that caused the harshest football insult suffered by a player, causing him to break into a crying fit, and captain Gundogan intervened to calm him down.
In today’s Sociedad match, Gavi tried to pull off a great skill shot that made him manipulate the defender and make him fall to the ground.
But the Sociedad fans directed insults at Gavi in particular, causing him to go into a state of shock and tears.

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