Video: Lewandowski refuses to shake hands with Xavi after the end of the Real Sociedad match in a controversial video

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In the match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad in the tenth round of the Spanish League, which ended with the Catalan team winning with a clean goal scored by Uruguayan defender Araujo in the last moments of the match.
The shot of Lewandowski and Xavi after the match is the talk of Spain now.
After the end of the match, Xavi shook everyone’s hand and congratulated them on the victory as they entered the changing room, but when Leyva passed by Xavi, he refused to shake his hand.
All the players greeted Xavi and things were normal, but when Leyva passed, Leyva refused to shake Xavi’s hand and did not even look at him, and the details of his face showed that he was angry.
Sports confirmed that he was not satisfied with the substitution and that he wanted to continue until the end of the match.

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