Watch a world-class and legendary goal from Cristiano with a missile shot that tore through the goalkeeper’s net

In the match between the Saudi Al-Nassr team and the Gulf team, the result of which indicates that Al-Nassr team advanced with a global goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo.

A fantastic goal, Ronaldo. From inside the penalty area, he scores, and from outside, he hits from anywhere, creating the impossible. Cristiano has not and will not stop.
They watched Cristiano Ronaldo launch a missile that tore through the Gulf team’s net after a dribble that broke the vertebrae of the Gulf defender. Ronaldo did everything for this goal.

Cristiano has scored 34 goals in 28 matches in the Saudi League. Wherever he goes, he breaks records and writes history. This is Cristiano who does not stop.
Your eye for the executioner’s skill and the player’s downfall is amazing, Cristiano.

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