Barcelona has its eye on the charming midfielder in the Premier League, to include him in January

Amidst the severe financial crisis that the Barcelona team is experiencing, it is ravaging the team’s dreams of returning to the ranks of the big teams, and with the growing gap between the popular clubs and the financial clubs, Barcelona officials are seeking to find practical solutions on the ground.
The team that dominated European football in the past decade and presented the best and most enjoyable football in history is seeking to return to its former glory, but at lower costs due to the financial crisis, as we mentioned previously.
In light of this, the Barcelona administration seeks to find different ways to solve this crisis by contracting with the stars of teams that do not participate primarily with their teams, bringing them and giving them the opportunity with Barcelona, as happened with Joao Cancelo, Joao Felix, and previously Obamaing.
Accordingly, “TEAMtalk” newspaper confirmed that Barcelona is preparing to exploit the crisis of player Giovanni Lo Celso with Australian coach Ange Postecogl, as the newspaper stated that the Argentine player is among Barcelona’s options to strengthen the team’s attacking midfield, after he was close to leaving the ranks of Tottenham.
The newspaper explained that the Australian coach decided to sell the 27-year-old player after he was no longer eligible to participate in the Tottenham squad this season, which opens the door for Barcelona to sign him for a low amount.
The newspaper added that the Australian coach does not depend on the Argentine international and is seeking to get rid of him.
She concluded: “It is said that the London club is ready to sell its player for only 15 million pounds, even though it cost him approximately 55 million pounds, but it is not that easy because Barcelona may face strong competition from Juventus to include the Argentine player.

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