Watch the goal of the legendary Endrik talent with Palmeiras in the Brazilian League

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Andrik, the talent of the century and the next Real Madrid player, scores a miraculous global goal with Palmeiras in the Brazilian League at dawn today.
Watch the 16-year-old do the amazing and the impossible and score an imaginative goal that shocked everyone on the field and became the talk of the hour at lightning speed.
The amazing Andrik received the ball from the middle of the field, and in less than 5 seconds, he dribbled past half of the opponent’s players in a crazy way and scored an indescribable Maradona goal.
Andrik alone, with a fantastic effort, turned his team’s deficit from 3-0 into a 4-3 win, an insane historical remontada that the human mind cannot believe.
The player that Real Madrid bet on seems to be living up to the expectations placed on him.

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