Watch a historic goal from an obscure third-tier team that eliminated Bayern Munich, with everyone astonished

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In a big surprise, Bayern Munich bid farewell to the German Cup against the little-known Saarbrücken after losing 2-1.
The amazing thing is happening with Bayern Munich in the German Cup, the 96th minute. Bayern is tied against an obscure third-class team and all the players in the attack are trying to score the winning goal and escape from the trap of this stubborn team, but what happened shocked the entire world.
The players of the Saarbrücken team carried out a fantastic counterattack and scored the winning goal against Bayern Munich, which was eliminated from the cup in a strange way that astonished everyone.
They watched the historic goal that eliminated Bayern from the cup, the amazement and shock of everyone in the stadium, and the indescribable moments from the fans that caused an earthquake in the stadium.

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