Watch a legendary and historic goal from Mohamed Quddus that caused Arsenal to exit the League Cup

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In an exciting and enjoyable match, Arsenal left the English League Cup by losing to West Ham 3-1.
The myth happened between Moroccan Naif Akrad and Ghanaian Mohamed Quddus in West Ham’s second goal.
Moroccan Nayef Akrad sent an imaginary cross-continental pass to Ghanaian player Muhammad Quddus, but what Muhammad Quddus did was absolutely impossible.
Mohamed Quddus turned into Riyad Mahrez and performed a fantastic control act inspired by imagination, causing Arsenal defender Zinchenko to break his back and then score a legendary goal from between his feet.
They watched the imaginary goal scored by Quddus after a great Moroccan assist from Nayef Akrad, which caused Arsenal to exit the cup.

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