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Messi won the eighth Ballon d’Or yesterday, making him the player with the most awards in history, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo with five awards. In Al-Nasr’s match against Al-Ettifaq today, the match in which Al-Nasr won with great difficulty over Al-Ettifaq Club.

In today’s snapshot, without a doubt, today’s snapshot, without a doubt, Al-Ittifaq Club fans shake the stadium by repeating the word Messi, Messi, Messi in front of the eyes of Cristiano and Ronaldo, who became angry and responded to them, calm down, and pointed with his finger to silence the audience.
Television cameras prevented this shot of Ronaldo and Mane from being shown live so that they would not be suspended for the end of the season.
Watch Mane, after scoring his goal, go to the Al-Ettifaq fans with Ronaldo in his hand to indicate to them that he is the best. The Al-Ittifaq fans raise the number 8 (the number of golden balls for Messi), and Cristiano responds with shocking words that the fans could not have imagined.

من Ahmed

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