Strange video: Simeone refuses the medical staff to enter the field to treat Griezmann

Atletico Madrid failed to take the lead in Group Five of the group stage of the Champions League, after losing to a 2-2 draw with its Scottish host Celtic, in the third round of the group, which saw Feyenoord Rotterdam win 3-1 over its Italian guest, Lazio.
The strangest moment you will ever see in your Champions League life occurred in this match.
In the 88th minute, Griezmann fell to the ground hard and grabbed his head, and the referee immediately called the medical staff for the Atleti team, but what Simeone did was astonishing.
Simeone went crazy on the pitch and refused the medical staff to come down to treat Griezmann and demanded the referee to resume play in a way that shocked everyone on the field.
The match referee could not control himself at this moment, so he referred to Simeone as crazy and out of his mind.
The match commentator was shocked and astonished and said, “Simony, I have never seen a shot like this in my life.”

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