Video: Antoine Griezmann’s historic goal against Celta Vigo in the Spanish League

In the match between Celta Vigo and Atletico Madrid in the tenth round of the Spanish League, which ended with Atletico Madrid winning 3-0, Antoine Griezmann, the French international and Atletico Madrid player, succeeded in scoring a historic goal. Antoine Griezmann surprises and shocks everyone on the field and invents a magical way to score goals with Atletico Madrid. Griezmann started from the penalty area of his team, Atletico, and dribbled past the Celta Vigo players in an imaginative way, and when he reached the goal, something amazing happened. Griezmann decided to deceive the goalkeeper, the commentator, the viewers, and the whole world, and he scored a strange, strange goal that will be nominated for the Puskas Award for the most beautiful deceptive goal in the Spanish League.

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