Barcelona enters the race to sign an African midfield tank

The officials in Barcelona’s administration do not spare any effort to develop the team and strengthen and strengthen the squad

Despite the severe economic crisis that the club is suffering from, no one knows when it will end.

Barcelona has its eyes and is watching a big gem in the Premier League to sign him as soon as a super African midfielder that any team in the world would wish for. This player has emerged as one of Barcelona’s most important goals, despite the club’s other priorities at the present time.

Barcelona is adopting an effective strategy in light of the crisis that the club is currently going through, as it seeks to sign stars whose contracts are expiring for free and bear their salaries only, and this strategy seems to be the most successful in light of the difficult financial situation of the Catalan team.

A Catalan press report revealed that Barcelona is seeking to strengthen its ranks with the Leicester City star, the African Tank, through the summer transfer market at the end of the current season.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, Barcelona is closely monitoring the file of players whose contracts with their clubs expire next summer in anticipation of contracting with them.

Barcelona aims to sign 26-year-old Nigerian Wilfred Ndidi, the English Leicester City midfielder, whose contract expires at the end of the current season.

Ndidi’s market value is currently estimated at 25 million euros, and he has attracted the interest of the largest La Liga clubs, led by Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, and recently Barcelona entered the race to include the player, and the player considers playing with the Catalan team to be his dream since he was a child.

Barcelona is not only monitoring Ndidi and he is not the only candidate to join Barca, as there is also 29-year-old Argentine Guido Rodriguez, a Real Betis player, to strengthen the midfield position of the Catalan team during the new season.

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