Laporta, in historic statements, opens fire on Real Madrid and Perez, shocks Al Hilal Saudi Arabia after Neymar’s injury, and speaks about many important issues.

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FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta spoke to Catalunya Radio in an interview today to clarify his position after being accused of bribery in the Negrera case by investigating judge Joaquin Aguirre.
Laporta attacked these accusations, which claimed that there was a hidden agenda behind the entire incident, led by “Madridismos” in positions of power.
Aside from discussing the Negrira case, the Barcelona president also spoke in detail about the club, finances, and team, among many other matters.
Barcelona sporting director Deco confirmed in a recent interview that plans are already underway for Lionel Messi to play a farewell match with Barcelona, possibly at the new Spotify Camp Nou stadium.
He also hopes to borrow Messi for just half a season to play again with Barcelona, and thus Laporta will shock Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia, which aspired to sign the player for a period of 6 months after Neymar’s difficult injury.
To clarify this matter, Laporta once again stated that Barcelona tried to sign Messi last summer, but that did not materialize.
He added: “We offered Messi a return at the beginning of this season. He made a decision and we understand and respect it. “In Miami, he thinks he will be under less pressure,” Laporta said.
“What we have in mind is to find a moment to give him a big tribute. “It would be great if it was to open the Camp Nou.”
While talking about the matter, he also provided a tentative timeline for the completion of the new Camp Nou, saying:
If nothing happens, Camp Nou will be finished in 2026. If all goes well, we will be back in November 2024, which will also be an important date.
Laporta also insisted he hopes Camp Nou can host the 2030 World Cup final, but admitted the authorities may be leaning towards the Santiago Bernabeu.
He added: We have already requested to host the 2030 World Cup and of course we want to host the final match. “I think we will host the semi-final match.”
“the last one? I suppose the powerhouses want it to be at the Bernabéu. We will ask for it because the Camp Nou deserves it but I don’t know if we will achieve it or not. “I will qualify for the semi-finals for sure.”
Laporta appointed Deco as the club’s sporting director this summer, with the former midfielder assuming the position of sporting director at Barcelona.
Laporta also made a very strong statement in which he criticized Madrid, saying: There is a coordinated campaign to destabilize Barcelona. A fierce and unprecedented campaign. There is a strong Madrid community that we competed with, and they are afraid that we will repeat our success, because the president of the Barcelona club today is the same one who was present in the best era in the club’s history, and I want to repeat that. The more I fight for Barcelona, the more I like it. We have to compete. This Madrid community, I am not referring to Perez, there is a Madrid surrounded by political means, the majority of those who came to power were from Madrid.
The club president highlighted the great compatibility between Deco and Xavi as a good thing for Barcelona, saying: “Deco has a very good understanding with Xavi. “I am happy with Xavi, he is leading the team in an extraordinary way.”
Explaining the goals of the season, he added: “Our goals are to win the league and try to win the Champions League.”
It is understood that Deco is keen to keep both Joao Cancelo and Joao Felix at Barcelona, either by extending their loan deals or signing them permanently.
Laporta gave his confirmation of the plan, saying: “If they continue to play like this, we will have to make an effort to sign the players, but it depends on what Deco says.”
“I want the best players to stay. He added: “I love Joao Felix very much, I always have.”
Laporta highlighted the overall quality of the Barcelona team, and said: “There are very competitive players in the Barcelona team. Our team is much more highly regarded in the market than when we arrived.
“Who doesn’t love Pedri, Gavi, Balde, Lewandowski, Rafinha, Cancelo…?”
Laporta also highlighted the thinking process behind the current budget, saying: “At this time, we presented a budget that strengthens us in the stability of the entity. We will offer profits without leverage. We have already reduced debt, although it does not happen overnight.
“The levers have allowed us to regain our leadership in world football and become profitable.”
“Across the board, we got better numbers than budgeted. Commercially 351 million euros. We have achieved record numbers in sponsorship and promotion. “We are working well and we have the strength of the Barcelona logo.”

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