Messi dribbles the Peruvian players and knocks them down one by one. Leo tampers with the Peruvian national team defenders

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In the match that was held at dawn today, which brought together the Argentine and Peruvian national teams in the fourth round of qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in America, Mexico, and Canada, the Argentine national team was able to achieve its fourth successive victory and confirm its lead in the qualifiers with a full score before the end of the current international break.

The Argentine national team defeated the Peruvian national team with a wonderful brace from the legend Lionel Messi, but a provocative shot occurred in the stands of the Argentine national team.

Messi manipulated the Peruvian players in a shot that caused the Argentine national team coach to ask the referee to save the Peruvian players from what Messi was doing to them in this shot.
Messi received the ball and dribbled from one of the players on the edge of the sideline, one time and then another until the player fell and almost lost his vertebrae.
His colleague quickly came to support him and cut off the ball from Messi, so Messi dribbled the two players again until they fell.

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