Watch the video of Lionel Messi’s second legendary goal against Peru after a smart trick from Alvarez

In the match that brought together the Argentine and Peruvian national teams in the fourth round of qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in America, Mexico and Canada, the Argentine national team achieved a clean double victory at the feet of national team legend Lionel Messi. With this victory, the Argentine tango dancers national team achieved its fourth successive victory and confirmed the lead in the qualifiers with the full score of 12. A point from 4 matches before the end of the current international break.

A smart plan and a genius move by Alvarez made Messi mark an imaginary goal a while ago.
Messi’s second global goal against Peru in the qualifiers came after a very intelligent trick by City player Alvarez, after which Messi scored the goal in his own way.

You will not believe what Alvarez did in this shot and how he prevented himself from playing the ball and left it to Messi.

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