Watch Real Madrid player Joselu provoke Barcelona player Gavi and slap him in the face as a kind of joke, and the matter ends with the Real Madrid player apologizing.

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During the international break, the teams are preparing to play many important matches before the leagues return again.

The Spanish national team, nicknamed the El Matador, is preparing to meet the Scottish national team in the qualifying qualifiers for Euro 2024.

But there is an incident in Spanish training between a Real Madrid and Barcelona player, and this event is the talk of the press around the world. Real Madrid striker Joselu jokes with his colleague Javi, the Barcelona player, and slaps him in the face as a kind of joke during the Spanish national team’s training yesterday. But Javi did not accept this and was upset because of that slap for it Real Madrid striker Joselu was forced to apologize and hug him to clear the air, and the training session was completed without a problem.
Video is the most popular in Spain now.

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