Yassin Adly’s historic goal for Bordeaux

Algerian international Yassine Adly scored Puskas’s goal in the French League when he was a player for the French team Bordeaux from the kick-off and put it directly into the goal in a miraculous and indescribable way.Algerian international Yacine Adly moved to the Italian club Milan before the start of the current season due to the great levels he performed with his club Bordeaux in the French League.Algerian international Yassine Adly decided to represent his country, Algeria, last season after he preferred to represent the Sahara national team over the French national team, even though he was summoned by Deschamps for one of the friendly matches, but after a private conversation with the Algerian coach Belmadi, he decided trepresent the Greens.An earthquake occurred on the field because of what the crazy Algerian did, but look at the reaction of the match referee and the opposing players.

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