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Atletico Madrid and Dutch Feyenoord match in the second round of the Champions League. Atletico Madrid enters the match armed with strong local performances, as it defeated Real Madrid and Cadiz, respectively, in the Spanish League. The Spanish team includes a fiery attacking line that includes Antoine Griezmann, Alvaro Morata, and Angel Correa. Atletico Madrid occupies second place in the group with one point, after a draw in the first round with Italian Lazio, while Feyenoord is at the top of the group with 3 points, after winning over… Celtic in the first round. The Dutch team seeks to maintain its lead in the group.

The brilliant Frenchman Griezmann scored the equalizer for his team in a way that made Simeone lose his mind after this imaginary goal from Griezmann in the Champions League a short while ago.

Watch Griezmann’s world-famous goal against the Dutch Feyenoord from an imaginary overhead kick that fooled the entire defense line.
The ball was played in a very small space, and from the middle of two players, Griezmann did wonders.

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