Watch the clip in which Ramos exploded in anger at the referee because of her insult and declared that the referees do not deal with him the way he did at Real Madrid

After the 2-2 draw with PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League, the legend Ramos made fiery statements regarding the referee of the match, stressing that referee Daniele Orsato played the starring role “a little more than he should” during the match.
The team captain said that this happened in “decisive balls,” such as Adria Pedrosa’s canceled goal, the penalty kick awarded to the Dutch team, and the final violation that led to a two-goal tie.
Ramos explained: “These are very quick decisions, but you have the mouse to make sure and see things more clearly.” The penalty kick, Pedrosa’s disallowed goal… it’s a lot of things.”
Ramos added: “In this competition, the refereeing is more lenient, but it seems that everything was against us today.”
Watch the video in which Ramos criticized the referee and cited the referees’ treatment of him when he was at Real Madrid, in a fiery statement that resulted in an attack from the fans of the Royal Club, Real Madrid.

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