Watch: The moment Lamine Yamal came down and the reaction of Barcelona fans in the Super Cup against Osasuna

An indescribable historical moment that may cause Lamine Yamal to retire early in order to keep it in his memory forever.
Rafinha, the Barcelona player, was injured, so Xavi decided to bring in the Moroccan talent, Lamine Yamal, so look at the amazement that happened from the fans.
Lamine Yamal stood on the touchline applauding the Brazilian Rafinha and saluting him, but Rafinha left the match in a strange way without greeting and motivating the young Lamine Yamal, who waited for him on the line and kept looking at him, so they witnessed the wonder and myth that occurred from the Barcelona fans.
Barcelona fans in Saudi Arabia decided to surprise and shock the talent of Lamine Yamal with a fictional historical epic and an earthquake of cheers and applause shook the entire stadium.

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