Barcelona abandons the team’s star due to the financial crisis, and the player is approaching the Premier League

The surprises in Barcelona do not end, as one of the Catalan team’s stars is close to leaving during the current winter transfer period.
Barcelona is seeking to improve its financial conditions in order to be able to enter into strong deals and return to the right path, but it seems that Laporta will not support the team, but rather will abandon some of the stars.
Joan Laporta is working with Xavi to allow some players to leave in order to benefit from the amounts they sold.
The Spanish newspaper “Sport” confirmed that the English club Newcastle is seeking to sign the Danish star Andreas Christensen during the current transfer period.
The newspaper added that the English club sent to inquire about Barcelona’s requests to release the team’s star and sign a contract with him, given his extensive experience in the Premier League with the Chelsea team previously.
The newspaper confirmed that the Catalan club would be open to selling the player in order to improve the situation, financially balance the rules of fair play, and facilitate the conclusion of new contracts.

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