He sold Barcelona for money and now he is being fired for the third time in a row from a new team

The player who was expected to have a great future in Barcelona, but unfortunately he was only looking for money, has now been expelled from the second club he played in after Valencia and Leipzig, and now he returns to La Liga again.
According to the “Relevo” network, everything is now ready for Ajax Moriba to return to the Spanish League and play with Getafe after failing to find any opportunity to play in Germany with the Leipzig team, as he did not play even a single minute this season with Leipzig after he was frozen out. First team.
A player who has been hailed by many Moriba enthusiasts as a potential successor to legend Sergio Busquets after rising from La Masia and impressing Dutch coach Ronald Koeman.
But things collapsed when Barcelona tried to extend his contract, as the player’s entourage continued to demand a higher financial salary, which Barcelona was not prepared to offer the player.
Barcelona eventually withdrew its offer and decided to sell him to Leipzig. The final amount agreed upon was 16 million euros, and Moriba’s season in Barcelona ended.
Things have not been the same for the midfielder since then and Moriba returned to La Liga last season to play on loan with Valencia, but they refused to sign him permanently Getafe are now prepared to bet on him for the remainder of the 2023/24 season.
The midfielder’s market value has dropped since he left Camp Nou from €25 million to just €6 million. Fortunately, he is only 20 years old and still has a chance to revive his career.

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