Snapshot of the season: Bellingham gives his blanket to a ball collector who is shivering from the cold

Snapshot of the Century: Bellingham saw the child collecting balls on the field shivering from the extreme cold during the match, so look what he did.
The temperature on the match field was below zero, and Bellingham looked at the ball carrier and noticed that he was standing shivering from the cold, so he called for him to come to him and take his cover, but the child refused to move from his place, and then the surprise happened.
Bellingham quickly got up and went to the ball collector and gave him the blanket and covered him in a historical shot that shocked the child and made him not know how to behave with Billy.
The fans of the Arandina team saw what Bellingham did with the ball collector and burst into applause in a great scene that we had never seen before in football stadiums.

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