Bayern Munich offers Barcelona to sign its jewel for a sum that will solve all of the team’s financial problems

The economic crisis in Barcelona is still the main concern of all the officials and fans of the Catalan team, and the cost of this crisis will be very high, given that the team will be forced to abandon some of the basic team elements in order to improve and revive the situation in the club.
According to press reports that came out today, German giant Bayern Munich made an astronomical offer to sign the Barcelona jewel.
The Spanish newspaper “Sport” indicated that Bayern Munich is willing to pay an astronomical sum to sign Uruguayan defender Ronald Araujo, as the player is a major demand for the Bayern Munich team and coach Thomas Tuchel.
The newspaper indicated that the player Araujo stipulated for his departure that the Catalan club agree to sell him due to the severe financial crisis that the team is going through.
It is noteworthy that the amount that Bayern Munich offered to Laporta to include the player is a staggering amount and will end all of the team’s financial problems if it is completed successfully.

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