Barcelona tells the team’s star to leave and search for a new club to move to

There are still many news and reports coming out of Barcelona regarding the signing of players and the departure of others, and it seems that the Catalan team will witness a comprehensive revolution at the end of the season and the departure of a good number of the team’s stars.
Many press reports revealed that Barcelona had settled on the departure of one of its players at the end of the season.
In light of this, the Spanish newspaper “Sport” revealed that Barcelona decided not to extend the contract of its star Marcos Alonso and to give the player news that he will leave the team at the end of the season.
The player received a number of strong offers from Saudi Arabia, but he will continue with Barcelona until the end of the season, and Barcelona will soon inform him of his departure so that he can look for a new destination to move to next season.
The player suffers from an injury and will be absent from the team for two months. Also, when he plays, he does not provide the expected addition, so Barcelona will release him at the end of the season, get rid of his salary, and free up a place on the list for another player.

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