Video: Watch the most prominent event of 2023, the humility of Cristiano Ronaldo, which became the talk of the world

The greatest event of 2023! Great humility from Cristiano Ronaldo towards the captain of the Al-Taawoun team, which has become the most famous clip in Saudi Arabia.
a witness! During Captain Al-Taawoun’s statements, the reporter interrupted him and stopped the interview with him in order to record an interview with the legend Cristiano Ronaldo, but Ronaldo’s reaction was surprising to everyone.
Ronaldo got angry at the reporter who interrupted the meeting and asked him to continue meeting with the captain, respect and appreciate him, and told him that he would wait his turn out of respect for the captain of the opposing team.
The shot was admired by the journalists and correspondents present and became the most famous in Saudi Arabia in 2023.

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