Barcelona sacrifices the team’s star in January for the sake of the new sniper

All European teams are seeking to strengthen their ranks in the next Mercato to compete strongly for all championships and titles, as the winter transfer window is considered an opportunity for Europe’s top players to correct the course and strengthen the team’s elements.
At the top of these teams is certainly Barcelona, which wants to invest any opportunity in attracting world stars at the lowest costs, given the severe economic crisis that the club is currently going through.
Xavi puts many deals on his list of priorities in the upcoming winter and summer Mercato and seeks for the administration to respond to his requests as soon as possible.
Barcelona, which has many problems, the most important of which, as we mentioned previously, is the crushing economic crisis that the club is going through, and the injuries and fluctuation in the level of players made officials rush to take strong measures in order to strengthen the ranks.
In resounding news for Barcelona, Spanish press reports revealed that Barcelona wants to sacrifice the Brazilian player Rafinha for the arrival of the star and talented player Vitor Roque, and Barcelona’s stars have many different offers within the European leagues to leave the Camp Nou this season.
The Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” published that the Barca administration is planning to approve Tottenham Hotspur’s offer to sign Brazilian Rafinha Diaz during the upcoming winter Mercato.
The Spanish newspaper added that this step comes due to the financial crisis that the Catalan team is suffering from, and threatens the arrival of the expected deal this summer, for the Brazilian Vitor Roque.
Suspensions and injuries this season prevented Rafinha from showing a good level, which angered the fans and the Barca management, as the player participated in 11 matches, during which he scored two goals and made as many.
Tottenham is determined to sign the player, especially with the injuries that have recently struck the English team.

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