Watch: Mbappe’s historic and legendary goal in the European Nations qualifiers

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A goal for history: Mbappe loses his mind and scores a legendary goal from the middle of the field that he has never scored before in his football career.
Mbappe received the ball in the middle of the field with his back to the goal, and in the blink of an eye, he noticed the goalkeeper ahead of his goal, so look at the crazy thing he did.
The amazing Mbappe scored the 12th goal in the match for the Roosters, but they saw the crazy reaction of all the stands and the coach, who could not believe what happened.
Impossible, Mbappé, France scored 14 goals in Gibraltar, but Mbappé’s hat-trick goal is worth its weight in gold, a legendary goal.
Watch on the historic night for the French national team, Mbappe steals the spotlight and scores the best goal in his international history from midfield.
No one celebrated any goal, but everyone celebrated this imaginary goal by Mbappe.

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