Haaland’s strange injury before El Clasico against Liverpool

In the friendly match that brought together the Norwegian national team and the Faroe Islands national team, which ended with the Norwegian national team winning 2-0.

The match witnessed a shock for Pep Guardiola after his team’s star scorer, Erling Haaland, was injured and left the match injured.

The wonder and strangeness came from Haaland in a friendly match. Haaland started off at an insane speed, and when he reached the goal, he made a strange movement to score the goal, so look what happened to him.
They watched Haaland’s very strong and strange injury that caused him to collapse and go out crying before the expected El Clásico against Liverpool.
What is strange and strange is that everything that happened to Haaland in this strange shot was for him to score a goal in a friendly match against the Faroe Islands.

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