Video: Messi turns into a monster and hits the Uruguayan player for DePaul

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In the match that brought together the Argentine national team and its guest, the Uruguay national team, in the fifth round of the South American continent’s qualifiers to qualify for the 2026 World Cup, at the Alberto Armando Maradona Stadium, which ended with the victory of the Uruguayan Blue Eagles team with two goals to nothing, at the feet of Barcelona defender Araujo and Liverpool striker Darwin Nunez, inflicting defeat on Argentina. First in the qualifiers and jumps to third place in the standings behind the leaders of the Argentine tango dancers despite the loss.
Messi turns into a brutal monster for the sake of his teammate DePaul and hits and insults the Uruguayan player.
An altercation occurred between the Argentine players and the Uruguayan players. One of the players assaulted DePaul. But the short Messi suddenly hit this player with the elbow in the style of Argentine gangs.

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