Watch Lewandowski’s legendary goal with a world-class header

In the match currently being held between Barcelona and Deportivo Alaves, the result of which indicates a goalless draw, Barcelona had succeeded in equalizing through Lewandowski after receiving a quick goal in the first minute.
Bomber Lewandowski returned by scoring a world-class goal, Lewandowski. Aside from the splendor and beauty of the goal, this assist is from the Frenchman Condé.
A goal with an artistic statement and a wonderful performance from top scorer Leyva, who returned to the net after fasting 6 matches in a row without scoring. The Polish Bomber has returned to you again.
Watch Barcelona’s equalizing goal against Alaves from a header in which Lewandowski broke all the time barriers and hit the ball wonderfully. Your eyes are on Lewandowski’s move and Assist Conde Symphony, gentlemen.

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