Video: Leo Messi is honored with the eighth Ballon d’Or in a historic scene that shakes the entire America

In the match currently being held, which brings together the Inter Miami team and its guest, the New York City team, in one of the friendly rounds in which we see the legend Lionel Messi for the last time this season with his team, Inter Miami, before the return of the American League again next March, and the result of the match indicates the progress of the New York team. Two goals to one.
Argentine legend Lionel Messi presented the eighth Ballon d’Or, which he won less than two weeks ago, to the Inter Miami fans in attendance.
An earthquake strikes America in a historic scene for the first time for the legend Lionel Messi.
A crowd flood and an earthquake in New York City and Inter Miami stadiums the moment the legend Messi came out and was honored with the eighth Ballon d’Or.
A majestic scene occurs for the first time in the history of football, and Messi is in a state of astonishment and shock at the magnificence of what the fans did.

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