Video: A historical moment that occurred between Algerian Nabil Fekir and Isco in the European League

A rare and strange historical event takes place between Isco and Algerian Nabil Fekir in the European League.
Isco won a penalty kick for his team, Real Betis, but what he did next shocked everyone in the stadium and caused an indescribable crowd earthquake.
At the moment when Isco received the penalty kick, Algerian Nabil Fekir was waiting on the touchline to take the field as a substitute after returning from injury.
Isco quickly got up and took the ball and ran towards Nabil Fekir and gave him the ball to take the penalty kick instead of him, in a snapshot of history that made everyone on the field stand up to salute him for this historic act.
Nabil Fekir took the ball to take the penalty kick, but look at what happened in the end.

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