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Former Barcelona star Pique came out and sparked a lot of controversy and old conflicts with Real Madrid when he said that Real Madrid’s last title in the Champions League would be forgotten over time, even if the royal team had achieved a few miracles to win it. Pique refers to the last champions title Real Madrid achieved after several comebacks. .
Pique, as always, caused controversy as a player, as he always attacked Real Madrid, and yesterday he opened fire on Real Madrid with loud statements.
Pique analyzed the situation of his Barcelona team at the present time and once again confirmed his support for the current technical director, Xavi Hernandez, while downplaying the Royal team’s victories.
In his interview with RAC1, Pique made several loud statements about Real Madrid, statements that became the talk of the world, most notably:
“Real Madrid is the same at the moment. They are not offering inspiring things, but they are achieving results, and in February they will be ready to compete in all tournaments, and we will see in the Champions League.”
Pique pointed out: “I always say that. Our way of doing things at Barcelona, the demands we place on ourselves, the way we play and the fun we provide make our victories memorable forever, but when they win it is just another win. The last time it was like a miracle because they were behind in the result.” “In every round, but it will not be remembered.”
While Pique downplayed Madrid’s successes in the Champions League and compared them to Barcelona’s five Champions League crowns.
He stressed that the Champions League title in Barcelona comes after a great journey of enjoyment, dominance, and control over opponents across the length and breadth, and it comes by merit and not through foreign aid or by chance.

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