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In the wake of Barcelona’s resounding defeat against its host, Shakhtar, in the fourth round of the Champions League, with a clean goal in Ukraine, and a continuation of the fluctuation in the team’s level, which appeared poorly in the last matches of the Spanish League.

Xavi is going through a difficult period in terms of preparing for matches and choosing the appropriate squad for the matches. It is clear that Xavi still does not have the leadership keys to prove that he is capable of leading the Barcelona project.

The Spanish coach aroused the dissatisfaction of many officials within the Catalan house regarding his right to coach the team and that the team this season is heading towards the unknown, with no performance, no plan, and no tactics, which prompted Laporta to make several important decisions regarding Xavi and the team, the first of which is:

Searching for the CVs of competent coaches so that they are fully prepared to train the Catalan team from the middle of the season at the latest, as Laporta lost his confidence in Xavi and began to see that he is unable to lead Barcelona’s current project.

Xavi’s mentality and his inability to make plans and read matches, and with the team’s difficult financial situation, Laporta is forced to find a replacement as soon as possible, and the indicators are all negative in the team, starting with first-team striker Lewandowski abstaining from scoring for more than 6 matches in a row, which is what has happened with the player for the first time since. 2011 season.

In addition to his illogical choices in the lineup, as he preferred to start the match with Alonso, Torres, Rafinha, and Romeo, and the team had Pedri, Felix, and Lamine, this means that he did not come to Germany to win, so Xavi handed the match to them in a provocative manner, which angered all the officials in the team.

Therefore, Barcelona places Italian coach Roberto De Zerbe, Brighton coach, and German Hansi Flick at the top of the list of coaches nominated to replace Xavi in Barcelona.

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