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The Leipzig team defeated the Serbian Red Star team 2-1, so that the Leipzig team continued to retain the qualification card after officially qualifying in the fourth round.

The German team raised its points tally to 9 points behind group leader Manchester City, making it one of the first teams to advance to the round of 16 of the prestigious European Championship.

Simons, the jewel of La Masia Simons, the great jewel, played a fantastic match today with his team, Leipzig.
Xavi Simons scores Maradone’s goal and a historic goal in the first 7 minutes since the start of the match.
He took the ball from the middle of the field, bypassed everyone, and put the ball at an impossible angle for the goalkeeper in a professional manner.
The player is close to returning to Barcelona, and Deco is working on his return to his home. I hope this gem will be completed and returned.

من Ahmed

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