Watch Leao’s legendary goal from a magical goal against Paris Saint-Germain

In the match between the Italian team Milan and the French team Paris Saint-Germain, which is now being held at San Siro Stadium, the home of Milan.

The result of the match witnessed a positive draw between Milan and Paris, with a goal for each team, against Milan scoring through the skillful Portuguese Rafael Leao, and Paris opening the scoring through Milan Skriniar.

Portuguese Leao is world-class, Ronaldo-style, imaginary penalty against Paris, and Milan fans insult Donnarumma because of this goal.
Watch Leao score a world-class Ronaldo-style clearance in front of Paris defenders and goalkeeper Donnarumma, who fell and shouted at his teammates.
A historic goal for the Milanistas, with which they scored a draw against Paris and ignited the match.

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