Watch Luis Diaz save Liverpool from loss at the last minute and celebrate in this way that saddened everyone

In the Liverpool and Luton Town match in the Premier League, which ended in a 1-1 draw.
This match witnessed a difficult shot from Luis Diaz that made everyone on the field very sad.
The 95th minute, Liverpool lost against Luton Town, and only seconds remain until the end of the match, and the Liverpool players are pressing with all their might in order to score a draw.
Luis Diaz decided to assume the role of Mohamed Salah and save his team from loss in the final seconds with a world-class goal over the goalkeeper.
What is painful and sad is the way Diaz celebrated after the goal after his father was kidnapped a few days ago. They watched Diaz’s decisive goal, his difficult and sad celebration, and the reaction of the match commentator.

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