Watch Mbappe create a legendary goal and tamper with the law of gravity with a space pass in front of Montpellier

In the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Montpellier in the French League A
Which ended with the Parisian team winning 3-0, in which Atlas Lion Ashraf Hakimi scored two goals on a night in which the son of Morocco excelled and stole the show.

In this match, Mbappe scored a historic and global goal. This madness, Mbappe, respect our minds, man. Football is not that easy and impossible.

Watch Kylian Mbappe fly in the air, break all the laws of physics and gravity, and create a goal from an alien position that only aliens can provide.
I have never seen a player in my life fly like this and play the ball with his heels and reach it with such accuracy and ease!! This is absolutely impossible.

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