Surprisingly, Xavi decides to expel the Barcelona trio and offer them for sale as soon as possible

Officials in the Catalan team are seeking to adjust the team’s financial situation to strengthen the ranks so that the club is able to remain in the competition for all tournaments.

Despite the financial and economic crises that Barcelona is going through, the team’s management seeks to make every effort to put the Catalan club in an appropriate position with the top clubs.

Therefore, Xavi, the team’s coach, wants to submit his requests to the management, whether regarding the players he wants, the first to depart, or those he wants to leave the team urgently due to the coach’s ambitions not being met.

The Barcelona administration was surprised by Xavi’s requests for the departure of some star players whom he did not see any addition to the Catalan team. Therefore, Xavi gave the administration the green light for the departure of these players to build a strong, cohesive team that does not include half-stars. At the head of these players who are expected to leave is the trio of Sergi Roberto, the team’s star and its captain, the player who does not. It serves Xavi’s ideology and his abilities are not compatible with the Barcelona team due to his modest performance and level, as Xavi gave permission for the player to leave and his next destination is Inter Miami next to the legend Lionel Messi.
The second player who caused Xavi’s anger due to his limited abilities is defensive midfielder Oriol Romeu, a player whom Xavi believes is not proficient in the midfield roles in any way. The player may leave in January on the condition of contracting with a focal midfielder because the team is suffering at the level of this position.
The third player is Danish Christensen, a player who does not participate as a starter or reserve with Barcelona, and Xavi seeks to get rid of him and expel him from the team as soon as possible.

Xavi started the correction revolution in the Catalan team, and with the arrival of summer, the appearance of the Barcelona team will change completely.

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