Video: Abu Bakr’s imaginary goal against Dynamo Kiev and his provocative celebration in front of the coach

In the match between Besiktas and Dynamo Kiev, the amazing thing happened with Cameroonian Abu Bakr in the European Conference League.
Dynamo Kiev coach, before the match, stated with pride, saying: We were not facing a European team, “Besiktas,” but rather we were facing an African team.
But the response and revenge came very harshly from Cameroonian Vincent Abu Bakr.
Abu Bakr scored a fantastic goal against Dynamo Kiev after he manipulated the entire defense line of the Ukrainian team and went with all speed and celebrated in the face of the coach, and the referees stood in Abu Bakr’s face to prevent him from attacking the coach.
Had it not been for the referees’ intervention, it would have been a massacre on the field. What madness happened.

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