Watch the Moroccan talent and jewel, Amin Adly, score two goals in less than 5 minutes

Bayer Leverkusen defeated Sandheisen in the German Cup, and Leverkusen won 5-2.
Moroccan jewel Amin Adly shocks Xavi Alonso and everyone on the field and scores two goals in just 4 minutes.
The 88th minute: Amin Adly saw his colleague thinking about sending a cross, so he started with all grace and positioned himself with amazing speed, then scored a goal with a very wonderful header.
In the 92nd minute, Moroccan Amin Adly decided to erase all the dreams and hopes of the opposing team with a decisive second goal that advanced his team to the next round of the German Cup.
Watch Moroccan Amin Adly’s historic double with his team, Bayern Leverkusen, and Xavi Alonso’s reaction.

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