Video: Ronaldo gets madly angry at the match referee and Al-Nasr fans save the situation

In the currently held match between Al-Nasr and Al-Ittifaq teams in the Saudi King’s Cup final, the result of which indicates a goalless draw, Cristiano Ronaldo is in a state of extreme terror and fear after this strange shot.
Watch: A player obstructs Ronaldo and the referee did not count anything, so Ronaldo got up and ran towards him with crazy speed and almost hit the referee, so this was his terrifying reaction.
Fahd Al-Otaibi exploded in the comment, saying, “For the first time, I see Ronaldo in this state of nervousness and anger.”
Immediately after that, Al-Nasr fans surprised Ronaldo with an unprecedented historical shot and caused an earthquake in the stadium in a way that made the Don calm down immediately.

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