Video: Inter Milan fans shock Lukaku with a strange and shocking reception

In the match that brought together the teams Inter Milan and Roma in the tenth round of the Italian League, which ended with the Blue Milan team winning Inter with a clean goal, reaching the top of the standings with 25 points, while Roma’s balance was frozen at 14 points in eighth place.

The shot that shocked Lukaku and made him wish to sit on the bench for the rest of his life because of what happened to him from the Inter Milan fans.
Lukaku put his first foot in the Inter stadium after his departure from them, so look what the fans did to him in a terrifying scene.
Watch: An earthquake of booing whistles and strange movements from the Inter fans shocked and saddened Lukaku, but what the Inter Milan players did was nothing short of amazing.
Argentine Lautaro Martinez angrily raised his hands to the fans and immediately silenced them.

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