Guardiola betrays Barcelona and directs the shock of a lifetime to Xavi and Laporta

Although there is a strong connection and relationship between FC Barcelona and Pep Guardiola, the historic coach of Barcelona, who created a boom in the world of football with the best team in history.
Despite this, the City coach is not kind or lenient with his beloved team, Barcelona, when it comes to interests.
It is noteworthy that his last bad situation with Barcelona was specifically in January 2023, when Guardiola objected to the departure of Joao Cancelo to Barcelona.
Currently, with Cancelo on loan to Barcelona, Xavi is very impressed with the player and impressed by his contribution and hopes that the player, whose arrival has significantly affected the team and has become stronger in the full-back position on the offensive and defensive levels, will be bought permanently.
Initially, the player’s transfer to Barcelona included a purchase option for 25 million euros, but Barcelona ended up deciding to cancel it so that his signing would not count towards the current financial year.
However, although intentions were to talk about buying him permanently for the aforementioned 25 million euros, Mundo Deportivo confirms that Manchester City does not intend to part with him for less than 50 million euros.
This means that Barcelona decided not to buy the player this season so as not to be exposed to penalties due to his difficult financial situation.
In addition, and what made the situation worse in the Joao Cancelo case, Pep Guardiola, according to the source, El Nacional newspaper, ordered the English club not to sell Cancelo again during the next season.
So, if Barcelona wants to keep him in the team for the 2024/25 season, they will have to bid for 50 million euros, a figure that could hurt Barcelona’s financial situation very hard.
The second shock that Pep Guardiola gave to his former team was to dissuade Portuguese player Bernardo Silva from his decision to leave for Barcelona and give him the main position in City to renew his contract with the City team, which is what happened in the end.
The Portuguese player desperately wanted to move to Barcelona, but Guardiola stood in the way of completing this deal, depriving Barcelona of a resounding deal that would have taken the Catalan team to another level.
Laporta is seriously considering severing ties with the City team in the future at the level of player exchanges and deals.

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