Video: Romelu Lukaku responds to his coach Mourinho in a fabulous way in the Slavia Prague match

In the match between the Roma team and the Czech team Slavia Prague, which ended with Roma defeating the team The Czech scored a clean double in a match in which Belgian star Lukaku continued to score in the European League.
Romelu Lukaku responds to Mourinho with a fiery response because of Nasriya’s attack in the match between Roma and Slavia Braga in the European League.
A few days ago, Lukaku was subjected to racist chants from Inter fans, so Mourinho came and strongly defended Lukaku and informed everyone that there was a terrifying version of Lukaku coming, and because of Mourinho, the player became the team’s top scorer this season.
Watch how Lukaku scored this goal in a magical way against Slavia Braga and then went to greet his coach Mourinho.

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