Due to the economic crisis, Barcelona is close to selling the team’s star to the Premier League

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It is no secret to anyone the difficult financial situation that Barcelona has been going through in recent years. The team that has dominated international and Spanish football throughout the past decade has become in great danger due to this devastating crisis.
Despite this, management seeks to correct and improve the situation in a way that helps the team grow and prevents decline The suddenness and exposure to what happened to the popular and well-established clubs, and there are many examples of this.
Therefore, the price of this crisis is abandoning strong and weighty elements in the team and selling them to improve the financial situation In the team, therefore, Barcelona fans must accept the situation and adapt to this situation until further notice.
In light of this, the Spanish newspaper Vijas, which specializes in the transfer and contracting market, said that the Newcastle club is preparing to make a record offer to include the French player and Barcelona star Jules Kounde, as the newspaper confirmed that the French defender is one of the most prominent targets of the English team in the upcoming summer transfer market for next season.
The newspaper added that the English club is willing to pay a large sum of 75 million euros, in order to secure the services of the talented defender and kidnap him from Barcelona.
In turn, Barcelona may accept the offer because of what we talked about previously and the severe economic crisis to which the team is exposed.
The newspaper added that the Newcastle administration places the player on its list of priorities and will spare no effort or pay any amount to complete the deal and win the services of the brilliant French player, stressing that the details of the offer include paying 50 million as a basic amount in addition to an additional 25 million in the form of bonuses and variables.

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