Video: Watch the skills and gameplay of The La Masia Jewel and future talent Bao Prem

Xavi made his official decision that Bao Brim will play in the upcoming matches. Bao Brim was born in 2006 and is only 17 years old. The player always trains with the first team, and Xavi appointed Oriol Romeo as his mentor in the team.
Bao Brim has learned a lot from Romeo during this period, and the player is doing a good job day after day and proving to Xavi that he can be relied upon.
Xavi wants to call him up for El Clásico and give him more confidence, given that the player is being watched by one of the biggest clubs in the English Premier League. The player has a firm stance that he only wants Barcelona.
Before his departure, Busquets recommended that Barcelona scouts take care of Pau because the player represents the jewel of positional play and is proficient in positioning, as was Bosque. The player trained since his childhood to learn from Busquets.
Everything indicates that Bao Brim will be on the El Clasico list, since there is no alternative to Romeo and the player will be included in the squad day after day.
Deco believes that the contract with Axis is fading because Bao Brim caught the attention of the club’s scouts and will prove his talent in the coming days.

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