Due to the economic crisis, Barcelona is forced to sell the most important star in the team

In light of the major financial crisis that Barcelona is facing, it seems that the club will face the fate of the old clubs that have ended and disappeared over the years, and this is what all football fans and fans of the Catalan club Barcelona fear.
In light of this, many press reports revealed a shocking surprise about Barcelona’s intention to sell the team’s most important star to solve the difficult financial crisis, which surprised and shocked everyone.
As we mentioned before, Barcelona is suffering from a severe financial crisis, which forced it in the late months to activate financial levers by selling the club’s assets, and this portends a disaster in the future, in addition to significantly reducing the wages of its stars, all for the sake of a temporary solution to the financial crisis in Barcelona.
The Spanish program “El Chiringuito” indicated that the first candidate to leave Barcelona in the summer is the Dutch star Frenkie Diong, because Pedri and Javi are untouchable for coach Xavi Hernandez.
The program explained that the sports administration, headed by Deco, is ready to hear the upcoming offers for the Diong player
The program stated that Barcelona’s management realizes that De Jong has a good name in the European Mercato, and the club can sell him in a major deal, as the Premier League giants are interested in him, led by Manchester City.
The recent leak of De Jong’s contract revealed that he will receive huge salaries in the current and next season, which is something that Barcelona does not want to bear, especially since the Dutch player is exposed to many injuries, as is the case with him now.
All this is because Barcelona is facing a crisis due to its economic situation, which will force it to sell one of the Catalan team’s stars next summer.
According to the Spanish “El Chirengeto” program, Barcelona’s total debts amount to 2.7 billion euros, forcing the Catalan club to sell one of the important players and the most important pillars of the team at the end of the season.
The most important condition is that the player who will be sold must have a large financial amount in order to help slightly adjust the financial situation in the team.
On the other hand, Xavi insists that he will not remain in the team if the player is sold and will submit his resignation immediately.

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