Watch: The new jewel skills of La Masia and Barcelona star Noah Darwish, who was summoned by Xavi for the El Clásico match

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez decided that he will summon Noah Darwish for the El Clásico match against Real Madrid.
Due to Lamine Yamal’s injury, Rafinha’s unpreparedness, and Lewandowski’s absence, Xavi has already decided to take the plunge and call up
Noah Darwish for El Clásico. Noah Darwish is the second greatest talent at La Masia after Lamine, as Barcelona Youth won.
Against Antwerp and Porto because of his high performance. Not only that, but Noah Darwish won the best player in the round of the Champions League and the best player in the second round of the Champions League, and this had not happened before for 5 years. Until now, there are many English Premier League clubs interested in the player. The most important of them is Brighton coach De Zerbe, but Barcelona’s decision is firm: Noah Darwish is not for sale or loan.

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